Basement Renovation

A basement renovation is a popular home-improvement & project because it can increase the value of your home and provide additional living and & storage space. 

Decide how you want to use your basement

First, think about your family’s needs. If you’re like most people, you’ll have no trouble coming up with ideas for filling the space: a family room & laundry room, game room, guest bedroom & bathroom or a rental unit with a small kitchen. When deciding on its use and design, think long-term so you can easily transform the rooms into something else.

A beautifully executed basement finishing or remodelling project can give you the perfect space for renting your basement, entertaining, a den for family activities, a game room, and even a top line home theatre.

Basements should be more heavily lit than above-grade rooms. Maximize both natural (outdoor daylight) and artificial lighting. An open floor plan, large windows, and a French door leading to the basement instead of the solid door which is most likely installed there now will help maximize the lighting. Also, think in terms of light colours, and mirrored walls or ceilings.

Stick with light colors for the walls. Using light paint colors will very effectively brighten the gloomiest basements!

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Mac Construction & Home Renovation take pride in being quick to respond to customer inquiries. It would be our pleasure to take a look at your dream project and provide you with a free quote. As general contractors, we are in charge of the entirety of our commercial and residential construction projects. Our general contractor / renovation duties may include some or all of the work associated with your project, from piece work (flooring, kitchen renos, additions, etc) or we can plan and deliver an entire project from initial consultation to final cleanup.

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Bathroom Renovation Testimonial

In October of 2020 my husband and I met Seymour from Mac Construction & Home Renovation we had interviewed many contractors and we didn't either feel comfortable or would not take on the project as it was too small. In November we started the project we worked with the Seymour and His crew, it was hard as store were shutting down and picking finishes, but Seymour always made it right. He was calm and patient and was opened to changes along the way,. It was a pleasure to deal with the company and evertime I have made a call of concern he always send his crew to take a look. Seymour you always make it right. I highly recommend Mac Construction & Home Renovation for honesty and professionalism, Thank you to everyone who worked to make my home beautiful. 

— Romain & Becky


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